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The yearly release of Madden and FIFA may soon come to an end

by Danny Zepeda | November 12, 2017November 12, 2017 10:00 am PST

Every year, the ritual of buying the latest version of Madden NFL or FIFA takes place. They offer updates like improved controls, revamped modes and most importantly, up-to-date rosters. The longstanding tradition may not be around much longer, according to EA chief Andrew Wilson.

In a sit down interview with Bloomberg, Wilson opened up about EA’s plans for future gaming franchises, most notably Madden NFL and FIFA, and what kind of headways can be made in future to revamp the gaming experience. One of the big ideas EA is toying around with is a subscription-based service that will do away with yearly release of games. Instead, customers would get a “365 day, live service.”

With that, customers would get access to the game, modes, features and roster updates. After the one-year mark hits, a big update would bring a major upgrade to account for all of the offseason changes to the rosters as well as any new major features that have been added.

Wilson related that he is a big fan of Spotify, which offers million of songs for a monthly fee. EA’s service would probably feature a similar business model to Spotify. It’s not quite clear how much EA would charge or if it would include all of EA Sports’ entities like Madden NFL and FIFA or if a subscription for each game would be required. Wilson didn’t elaborate on a timeframe of when we can expect the service.

Regardless, the gaming embracement of subscription service is real and will soon proliferate into gaming franchises, changing the way we access these EA Sports games forever.


Danny Zepeda

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