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How to set up Android Pay

by Justin Herrick | November 12, 2017November 12, 2017 9:00 am PST

Phones are continuing to replace more things in our lives. What are they targeting now? Wallets, purses, and money clips. These days you can pay for just about anything using only your phone. Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are promoted the most, but Google’s Android Pay works for anyone with an Android phone that has an NFC chip.

A rising number of retailers around the world are embracing mobile payments services due to their quick and secure approach. There’s no sifting through a wallet or purse for a specific card and then being disappointed that the terminal won’t let you use its chip reader.

Here’s how to set up Android Pay on your phone:

  1. Download the latest version of the Android Pay app from Google Play
  2. Choose the Google Account you’d like to use
  3. Select “Add a credit or debit card” or hit the floating plus icon on the bottom right
  4. If an existing payment method is already associated with your Google Account, you can easily add it or opt to add a new card
  5. Android Pay requires a screen lock to be used at all times, so implement your go-to method
  6. Verify your card by text or email; within the Android Pay app, enter the code sent

Now you’re set to pay for anything wherever an NFC-ready terminal is located. If you see an Android Pay (or even Apple Pay) logo in the store you’re shopping at, whip out your phone to complete the transaction.

Justin Herrick

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