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Hulu is now available on the Nintendo Switch

by Brandon Russell | November 9, 2017November 9, 2017 2:00 pm PST

The breadth of what Nintendo’s Switch is capable of just expanded, with Hulu announcing on Thursday that it’s streaming service is now available on the portable console.

Hulu’s arrival on the Switch makes it the first major streaming platform to adopt the console, which has thus far primarily used as a gaming machine. Subscribers of Hulu’s services will get full access to the company’s catalog of content, including live TV.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users might scoff at Hulu’s arrival on the Switch—been there, don’e that. But it’s a pretty big deal due to the Switch’s one key advantage: portability. Anywhere you take the Switch, you can watch Hulu’s excellent (and growing) library of content.

With the arrival of Hulu, hopefully this means other streaming services will take notice of Nintendo’s console, which is selling very well. Services such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video are all absent from the Switch, but that could change in the coming months.

The Hulu app is available in the Nintendo eShop under “Recent Releases.”


Brandon Russell

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