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New clips shed light onto the formation of the Justice League

by Danny Zepeda | November 8, 2017November 8, 2017 1:00 pm PST

The November 17 release date for Justice League is quickly approaching. To continue to build up hype for the movie, Warner Bros. has released two new clips that shed light on the creation of the team.

From the first trailer, we know that Bruce Wayne will bring together a group of metahumans to battle the incoming danger of Steppenwolf. We’ve seen short snippets of these interactions, but now Warner Bros has released longer scenes via that show how Wayne approaches the Flash and Aquaman.

In the Aquaman scene, we learn that he provides for a small town when there is a food shortage in the winter. He arrives with the king tide, which is how Bruce Wayne is able to locate him to this precise location.

As for the Flash scene, we learn a little more about Barry Allen. In his words, his special skills include “viola, web design, fluent in sign language, gorilla sign language” and very competitive ice dancing. We already know the Flash is going to carry most of the comedic chops in the movie, but this scene shows just how much his quirky character plays into the lightness of the movie.

An additional scene was released that completely spoils Steppenwolf. The trailers have been quite coy about showing him off, just revealing the back of his head, but this new scene shows him off in all of his menacing glory. We won’t include the scene in case you want to go into the movie without any major spoilers. If you’re okay with spoilers, you can find the scene here.

We’ll find out more about how the Justice League comes together and develops their camaraderie when the movie hits theaters November 17.

Danny Zepeda

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