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Justice League will feature some Marvel flavor at the end

by Brandon Russell | November 8, 2017November 8, 2017 8:00 am PST

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe began, there’s been one entertaining and reliable constant—and, no, I’m not talking about Stan Lee cameos.

The studio has helped popularize the post-credits scene, which often serves to give fans a teaser of what’s to come. Now, with Justice League fast approaching, it sounds like the DC Extended Universe will adopt a similar tactic.

In an interview with BBC Radio, Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman in the film, urged audiences to stay through the credits for an added treat. It’s unclear what the scene is, but it should give fans a taste of what’s ahead.

Adding a post-credits scene would break tradition for the DCEU, which has previously featured only one credit scene before—a mid-credits scene in Suicide Squad. Director Zack Snyder previously admitted the post-credits scene was a Marvel thing, and not something the DCEU films do.

But with so many DCEU projects in the pipeline, Warner Bros. has to do something to stoke excitement, especially with so much competition coming from Marvel. What better way to do it?

Hearing that Justice League will include a post-credits scene shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing. Typically, these extra scenes are a fun way for audiences to see what’s ahead and further build the world these movies exist in.

Or, Warner Bros. can just release the extra scene shortly after the Justice League is released. That’s good too.

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