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Jimmy Kimmel hands people an iPhone 4, they think it’s an iPhone X

by Justin Herrick | November 8, 2017November 8, 2017 3:30 pm PST

There’s a new iPhone out, so Jimmy Kimmel is once again taking to the streets for a prank in which he gives people an old product and tells them it’s a new one.

It’s the iPhone 4 being not-so-subtly disguised as the iPhone X. Rather than handing them last year’s iPhone 7 or even the more recent iPhone 8, Kimmel’s street-based reporter is getting feedback on the 2010 model. It’s a way smaller than anything current with its 3.5-inch display; however, none of the people on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles seem to realize they’re not actually holding the iPhone X.

Here’s the clip from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Many of the participants comment on the iPhone 4’s small size, but some go further into detail about other areas. The display, processor, and camera all get mentioned. But the real humor from the prank comes when people analyze the design.

One man even says the iPhone 4, which was handed to him as an iPhone X, is “certainly small in the hand, and it’s a little bit thicker than the newer iPhone models that I’ve had.” Yet he never thinks to question whether or not he’s actually holding the iPhone X. He goes on to be impressed that Apple would bring high-end specifications in “such a small package.”

The reporter also fools two young women who definitely look like they’d be aware of everything about the iPhone X. Somehow, though, they have no idea they’re using an iPhone 4 and seem intrigued by the physical home button that’s been on every iPhone up until this year.

Another woman gets asked to describe the iPhone X in one word. Her answer? “Revolutionary,” which is what Apple would want you to say about the iPhone X in 2017 and not the iPhone 4. Others say “interesting,” “petit,” “different,” “newer,” “nice,” and “futuristic.”

Finally, at the end of the segment, a man gives the iPhone 4 back to the reporter after immediately realizing it’s not the iPhone X.

Justin Herrick

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