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Somehow you can get live restaurant wait times from Google

by Justin Herrick | November 7, 2017November 7, 2017 3:00 pm PST

Now you can avoid showing up to a restaurant and waiting more than a few minutes for a table.

With today’s update to Google Search and Maps, you’re able to view live wait times. Both of Google’s platforms will display how long a potential wait could be depending on the business’ status at a given time.

Just search a restaurant’s name on Search or Maps, scroll down to the Popular Times section, and there’s a graphic showing the information you need. If you’re looking at the current day, you’ll see a real-time projection of how long the wait could be. It also shares how busy a restaurant usually is at other times and on other days, which isn’t a new feature.

The new and existing capabilities work together so that you can pretty accurately predict whether or not going to a specific restaurant is going to be a hassle.

Google says nearly 1 million sit-down restaurants that allow walk-ins are able to be monitored in real-time.


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