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OnePlus 5T launch set for November 16 in New York City

by Justin Herrick | November 6, 2017November 6, 2017 9:30 am PST

It’s coming. OnePlus has decided when and where it’ll announce its latest phone. A teaser sent out on Twitter over the weekend asked followers to guess where the OnePlus 5T launch party will be held, and it was obvious that New York City would be the place. Then today the company followed-up by sharing November 16 as the date. So now the only things we don’t know are the full specifications and the phone’s availability.

Here’s the official teaser video for the OnePlus 5T:

The OnePlus 5T is briefly shown, but it’s only a closeup of the company’s logo visible visible. Overall, this is just a twelve-second clip showing the logo, a hero descending upon a city, and a message saying “A New View” is inbound. We’re likely to get one or two more teasers between now and next week when everything is official, though.

OnePlus is really hyping its next phone, which is a surprise considering it won’t be drastically different from the OnePlus 5 released earlier in the year. The OnePlus 5T will have a larger display with 18:9 aspect ratio; however, most of the other specifications are going to be identical.

A live-stream for the OnePlus 5T launch even will begin at 11:00AM ET on Thursday, November 16.

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