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How to set up Google Home, Mini, and Max

Maybe you were gifted a Google Home, or maybe you got a free Google Home Mini with your pre-order of the Pixel 2. Perhaps you plan on getting the Google Home Max to fill your living space with deep, rich sound. It doesn’t matter which device you got because the setup is the same across all of them.

Here’s how to set up a Google Home, Mini, or Max for the first time:

  1. Download the Google Home app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store
  2. Turn on your Google Home, and wait for it to appear at the top of the Google Home app
  3. Choose “Set up,” then “Next” to confirm you’d like to set up that device
  4. Choose the Wi-Fi network you’d like your Google Home to connect to
  5. Wait for your device to make a sound, and opt-in to Google Assistant
  6. Say “OK Google” three times followed by “Hey Google” so the device learns your voice
  7. Enter your address if you’d like personalized traffic and weather reports
  8. Link any music streaming services you have subscriptions to
  9. Link any video streaming services you have subscriptions to
  10. Confirm all the details displayed on the app

Now go ahead and chat away with your new companion.

Google made it as easy as possible to get Google Assistant up and running on compatible hardware. Just power on a device, wait for it to appear on the Google Home app, and follow the instructions.

If you ever want to perform a factory reset, just press and hold the mute button on the back/bottom of the device. Google Assistant will prompt you to let go if you don’t want to start over. By continuing to press and hold the mute button you will see your device’s lights go from red to off, and then the setup process to be done again.

Justin Herrick

Justin is easily attracted to power buttons. His interest in technology started as a child in the 1990s with the original PlayStation, and two...