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Indie hit Spelunky is getting a sequel

by Eric Frederiksen | November 4, 2017November 4, 2017 1:00 pm PST

If you spend any time around games, you’ve probably heard of Spelunky – if not played it yourself or watched a stream or two on Twitch. It’s the Indiana Jones-inspired, brutally-difficult indie game released as we know it today by Mossmouth back in 2012. Now finally, a sequel is on the way, Sony revealed at its Paris Games Week show.

We don’t have much, yet – just a trailer:

Further details of any kind are as tough to find as the treasure in the original. Mossmouth didn’t offer up a release date, release window, or any information about how the game will play. We also don’t know if the game will hit PC and Xbox like the original.

What we received instead was an almost nostalgic trailer reminding us of what came before, showing off the original game’s main character starting a family and passing the drive for exploration onto his kid.

If you haven’t played the original Spelunky, now is the perfect time to pick it up. It’s on PC, PlayStation 4, and on Xbox One via Xbox backwards compatibility. It’s a devilishly challenging action title that has you exploring randomly-generated caverns, trying to survive and take home the treasure.

The game’s reliance on systemic elements meant that anything that could kill you could also kill an enemy and vice versa. There’s an arrow trap ahead? Knock out the caveman and throw him into it. Or pick up rat to use as a shield. Don’t have enough money to buy everything in the shop? Pick it up and walk out. And beware the crazed, shotgun-toting shopkeeper that will appear at the end of every level.

Spelunky became a fast favorite among gamers who pick up a controller for a challenge, and has been a popular target for speedrunners who want to show off their reflexes and over recall.

We may not know when Spelunky 2 is coming, but we know we’re stoked for it.

Eric Frederiksen

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