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There’s “super high” demand for the Xbox One X

by Justin Herrick | November 2, 2017November 2, 2017 6:00 am PST

The newest Xbox could be what allows the brand to cut into PlayStation’s lead in this generation. Successors to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are here, but the Xbox One X might actually be the better buy despite it’s higher price. Microsoft packed a ton of premium technology into the Xbox One X while the PlayStation 4 Pro is similar but not nearly as powerful. Consumers have noticed this, according to Microsoft.

Its Xbox One X is set to be released next Tuesday, and the company is already sharing that the video game console has comfortably met expectations. Panos Panay, who leads the Microsoft’s hardware division, revealed to CNBC that demand is “super high” and gamers are responding positively to the product.

Here’s part of what he said in the interview:

“The demand for Xbox One is exactly where we anticipated, even more. And so when you see that excitement for the product and when people understand the six teraflops in the product, this is something that resonates with gamers that they’re very excited about.”

Initially there was concern that the Xbox One X would be too complex for average consumers. But, based on the explanation from Panay, either Microsoft’s done a fine job explaining the system to them or advanced gamers are coming out in large numbers to pre-order and purchase a unit. Microsoft, though, didn’t say how the Xbox One X’s demand compares to other video game consoles.

Microsoft did share that virtual reality isn’t a priority for Xbox, though support was mentioned when the system debuted in June. Instead the company is investing resources to make Windows the go-to place for immersive environments. Mixed reality, a merge of virtual reality and augmented reality, could come to the Xbox One X in the future but Windows is currently getting most of the attention.

If demand is actually as high as Microsoft makes it seem, getting an Xbox One X without a pre-order might be tricky. Usually there’s a shortage in supply for video game consoles in the first few months following a release.


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