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Prevent the KRACK vulnerability from ruining your life with this VPN

by Danny Zepeda | November 2, 2017November 2, 2017 4:00 pm PST

The most recent hack that you probably have heard of is known as KRACK. This time, a WPA2 security vulnerability is allowing hackers to access and view your unencrypted traffic if you are logged onto a public WiFi. This means that whenever you’re at the library or coffee shop browsing the internet, somebody in your vicinity could be monitoring your activity. One of the best ways to avoid hackers from tracking you is with VPN Unlimited.

PC Mag named VPN Unlimited the Top VPN in 2016 because it’s just that good. Whenever you’re on a public WiFi, VPN Unlimited will ensure that your data is completed hidden and encrypted. There are no data usage caps so you can browse uninterrupted with this VPN for as long as you want. Plus, the newly included DNS Firewall will block ads and malware.

This app is truly a one-stop shop to protecting your privacy and keeping hackers at bay. Get lifetime access to VPN Unlimited today for just $49.99. That’s a whooping 90% off the original price!

Danny Zepeda

Born and raised in Southern California, Danny grew up on a steady diet Pixar, Star Wars and Steven Spielberg movies. Unbeknownst to him, this was...