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You can now stream music on the Apple Watch Series 3, no iPhone required

by Danny Zepeda | October 31, 2017October 31, 2017 1:00 pm PST

The Apple Watch Series 3’s full potential is finally unlocked: You can now stream music over LTE without an iPhone.

The ability arrives with the watchOS 4.1 update rolling out this week. When Apple took the stage to announce the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE model, one of the biggest talking points was the ability to stream music independently from an iPhone. Unfortunately, the feature was not available out of the box when the latest Apple Watch version launched in September. Apple said it would be available with a future update, which happens to be watchOS 4.1.

Previously, users could only download music directly to the device for an untethered experience. Now, all they’ll need is a LTE connection and they can listen to all the music they want. 40 million songs on your wrist, goes Apple’s marketing.

To take advantage of the feature, you will need an Apple Music subscription, which runs $10 a month. You won’t be able to use the LTE streaming through Spotify, Google Play Music or any other music streaming service that is not from Apple. The watchOS 4.1 also added more music streaming functionality with a new Radio app that gives access to Apple’s flagship Beats 1 radio station as well as other Apple Music stations.

Other changes watchOS 4.1 brings includes a new Wi-Fi toggle, GymKit integration and support for a bunch of new emojis. The emojis have also made their way onto the iPhone with the iOS 11.1 update rolling out today.

watchOS 4.1 is now available to download for all Apple Watch models.


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