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Carl Pei shares portrait photo from the OnePlus 5T

by Justin Herrick | October 31, 2017October 31, 2017 8:00 am PST

Hype continues rising prior to the announcement of OnePlus’ second 2017 flagship.

Unlike most companies, OnePlus doesn’t rely solely on its own brand to create momentum. Its executives often take to social media to create teasers for upcoming products. That’s happening now with the OnePlus 5T. Carl Pei and Pete Lau recently shared images taken by the phone, and the newest teaser again involves the camera.

Here’s the tweet teasing the upcoming OnePlus 5T, which comes from Pei:

What he’s showing us is a shot of a woman, but it’s no ordinary shot of a woman. The picture was taken using the portrait mode on the OnePlus 5T. You can tell the portrait mode is being used because of the blur around and behind the woman. OnePlus, like others, have implemented special technology to focus on specific objects when taking pictures.

It’s interesting that OnePlus is choosing to tease the camera more than once. After all, the OnePlus 5T isn’t going to be too different from the OnePlus 5. The upgraded model is expected to keep the two 16MP rear cameras while possibly raising the front-facing camera from 16MP to 20MP.

Other internal specifications should stay untouched, but OnePlus will also adjust the display to become 6 inches with 18:9 aspect ratio.

OnePlus hasn’t said when the phone will launch. There is, however, evidence the company plans to debut the OnePlus 5T on Thursday, November 16. The OnePlus 5T will likely be released just in time for the holidays when phone sales experience a surge.

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