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Best Buy stops selling iPhone X with $100 surcharge

by Danny Zepeda | October 31, 2017October 31, 2017 3:30 pm PST

Best Buy succumbed to customer complaints and stopped selling the iPhone X outright with the extra $100 premium.

Last week, when iPhone X pre-orders went live, those who bought the phone outright through Best Buy noticed their bill was a little high. It turned out Best Buy was charging an extra $100 for phones bought upfront without an installment plan. The $999 64GB went up to $1,099 and the $1,149 256GB went up to $1,249.

Naturally, people were very upset and complained about the practice right away. It took a few days, but Best Buy finally saw the error of its ways and stopped selling the iPhone X with the premium.

In a statement made to Bloomberg, Best Buy spokeswoman Danielle Schumann opened up about its decision saying, “Although there was clearly demand for the un-activated iPhone X, selling it that way cost more money, causing some confusion with our customers and noise in the media.” She went on to add,”That’s why we decided a few days ago to only sell the phone the traditional way, through installment billing plans.”

Best Buy did stop selling the phone outright and is now solely selling it through installment plans. That’s the move Best Buy should have gone with from the onset in our opinion.

Best Buy did not say anything about refunding customers for the charge. If you did happen to buy an iPhone X through Best Buy and were charged the extra amount, the only way to get your money back will be to cancel the pre-order. That’s unfortunate, considering how long it might take for iPhone X orders to ship.

The iPhone X will be released this Friday, November 3.


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