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You can get an iPhone X off eBay, but it’ll cost big bucks

by Justin Herrick | October 27, 2017October 27, 2017 6:00 am PST

The iPhone X went up for pre-order earlier today, but Apple’s latest device will only arrive on November 3 for a lucky few. Apple doesn’t have nearly enough units available at launch for everyone. There is, however, a way for you to still get the iPhone X when it’s release next week. You’ll just have to pay way more money.

Check out eBay if you’re wanting the device right away. Hundreds if not thousands of listings are already up on the online retailer’s site. Many who secured a pre-order are flipping their units to score a big profit.

The iPhone X starts at $999, though you won’t find that price anywhere on eBay.

Most of the sellers are in the neighborhood of $1,600. Others, though, think it’s totally normally to sell their units for as much as $3,000. Pricing on eBay is really all of the place at the moment, but you do have plenty of choice for storage and carrier.

If you do end up buying one through a third-party seller, you’ll probably get it within a few days of the actual release date. The sellers have to get their units before they can ship to you. You can probably communicate with them for expedited shipping, too. That way your iPhone X arrives as quickly as possible.

Just check to make sure the listing on eBay you choose to purchase provides verification that the seller did indeed score a unit. Also look at the expected delivery date. You don’t want to accidentally purchase an iPhone X that won’t be arriving for weeks or months when you could easily get one in days.

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