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Fixing an uninsured iPhone X won’t be cheap

by Justin Herrick | October 27, 2017October 27, 2017 8:00 am PST

Whatever you do, don’t break your iPhone X. Apple raised the prices for repairs on devices that aren’t covered by its protection plan.

It could cost you as much as $549 for a repair of the iPhone X if you don’t have insurance. That’s why you should probably pick up AppleCare+ for the iPhone X rather than trusting yourself to never let anything bad occur. You really don’t know when something very, very bad is going to happen to your shiny new phone. Without any insurance, you’re going to be even more devastated by the price of fixing that iPhone X. So just pay the $199 for AppleCare+ to be safe.

The new pricing is $279 for screen repairs and $549 for “other damage” repairs. Both are increases from previous iPhones, and Apple also raised the cost for devices protected by AppleCare+. If you have the company’s protection plan, those prices go down to $29 and $99 respectively.

AppleCare+ extends the warranty on the iPhone X to two years from the purchase date. You get coverage for two accidents at the reduced prices. On top of that, Apple includes around-the-clock live support. Anyone who’s on the clumsy side, doesn’t know a lot about the iPhone, or just wants to be safe should pick up AppleCare+. Something could happen to your precious iPhone X, and you don’t want to be stuck paying up to half of its $999 price tag for a fix.

Apple will release the iPhone X next week, and pre-orders are still being accepted through a few stores. You could also check out eBay but the third-party sellers are getting a bit out of hand with their asking prices.


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