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Amazon adds Prime-flavored LG G6, Q6, and more

by Justin Herrick | October 26, 2017October 26, 2017 11:30 am PST

Amazon’s lineup of Prime Exclusive Phones has expanded. The online retailer just added four phones from LG, which brings the total number of devices with lock screen advertisements and pre-installed apps to thirteen. The program started in 2016 and really experienced growth this year.

Usually these Prime-flavored devices are mid-range and low-end in terms of specifications, but G6 gives Amazon its first high-end offering. The G6/G6+ is one of LG’s two 2017 flagships. Meanwhile, the rest of the devices joining the lineup are still on the more affordable side. Amazon’s discounts on all of them, however, are pretty steep.

Here are the new Prime Exclusive Phones:

If you’re wondering, the G6 and G6+ can be used on both GSM and CDMA networks in the United States. The Q6 and X Charge are a bit limited. While the Q6 is only for AT&T and T-Mobile, the X Charge is the same but includes Sprint. Verizon customers won’t be able to use the Q6 or X Charge on the carrier’s network.

All of the LG-made Prime Exclusive Phones will be released on Thursday, November 9.

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