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Justice League TV spot shows off positively terrifying Steppenwolf

by Brandon Russell | October 26, 2017October 26, 2017 2:30 pm PST

Before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released, Warner Bros. made the fatal mistake of revealing the movie’s main villain, essentially spoiling a major twist. The studio simply couldn’t help but repeat that mistake in new TV spot for Justice League, which was shared by Warner Bros. UK this week.

Anyone who has followed development of Justice League already knew Steppenwolf would make an appearance, especially considering the overtures to Darkseid in Batman v Superman. But it’s a little disappointing to see the villain shown off before his anticipated debut.

The release of Justice League is November 17; couldn’t Warner Bros. have shown just a little restraint in not spoiling his appearance? Apparently not.

That being said, it is super cool to see Steppenwolf on the big screen. He looks positively dangerous, and he has the voice to match. There’s an impressive gravitas to him as he invades Earth. He’s an alien and he wants to destroy everything he comes across.

“This world will fall like all the others,” Steppenwolf says. Seems he makes a habit of destroying civilizations.

Turns out, Steppenwolf was a threat long before the Justice League assembled, which is why we’re seeing flashbacks of the Amazonians fighting an alien invasion (how ridiculously cool does that sound?).

Despite the movie’s marketing machine being in full swing, one thing Warner Bros. hasn’t revealed (or even teased) is the return of Superman. So we at least have that to look forward to when Justice League hits theaters on November 3.

Brandon Russell

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