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Guess who’s coming back for Daredevil season 3

by Eric Frederiksen | October 26, 2017October 26, 2017 10:30 am PST

Daredevil season 3, set to air sometime next year, will feature the return of a major character. If you’re a fan of the comics at all, then the ending to Marvel’s The Defenders should give you all the information you need. Deadline is reporting that Vincent D’Onofrio will step into the blood-stained shoes of Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, for the show’s next season.

Even if you’re not caught up on Daredevil comics, the fact that D’Onofrio has changed his Twitter page‘s banner to a picture of Fisk was probably a good clue, too.

In addition to D’Onofrio’s return, it seem the show will be getting a new showrunner for the thid season. Erik Oleson, who has worked on Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle and the CW’s Arrow, will take over for season 2’s Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez.

“Vincent is an exceptional actor who returns with the incredible gravitas he brings to Fisk,” said Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb. “We’re very excited how Marvel’s Daredevil developers through the creative lens and guidance of our new showrunner, Erik Oleson.”

Daredevil’s most recent appearance was in Marvel’s The Defenders, which also had Petrie and Ramirez in charge, though Petrie left midway through development.


Spoiler Alert!

The final moments of Defenders had Matt Murdock staying with his love, Elektra Natchios, as a building and a few hundred feet of rubble collapsed on them. But just before the credits rolled, we caught sight of Mudock in a hospital bed with a nun calling for “Maggie.” This is likely hinting at the beginning of the Daredevil story ‘Born Again,’ which introduces Matt’s birth mother and has Fisk learning of Mudock’s double life as a lawyer and vigilante, knowledge he uses to try to destroy both.

Threats from Fisk earlier in the show set this up, so this path seems all but a given for the show, and it’ll pit two of the best parts of the show, D’Onofrio and Daredevil actor Charlie Cox, against each other.

Daredevil season 3, along with season 2 of both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, is set to hit sometime next year. There’s also more Iron Fist coming. The less said about that, the better.


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