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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp arrives in November for mobile

The latest franchise from Nintendo to get a mobile spinoff is Animal Crossing. Next month the company will release Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android. It’s the first time the popular simulation franchise will be playable on hardware not made by Nintendo, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is expected to be another global hit.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp isn’t a departure from its predecessors. It’s just Animal Crossing on a phone. You’re again dropped into a new location where you must build your life. Here you’re managing a campsite, personalizing and growing it out over time. You’ll be collecting new furniture whether that’s through buying pieces or being rewarded them. Campsites can also have fancier amenities like pools and small amphitheaters for concerts.

Visitors will come by to see your campsite, and your friendship level with them can increase if your designs meet their preferences.

The main difference between Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and previous titles is the setting. You’re building a campsite rather than a town. Nintendo even kept popular characters and locations such as the Nook family and the Able Sisters’ clothing store. Your living space, a camper within the campsite, is also customizable like the houses from the other games.

It’s a free-to-play game, so you can try it without any risk. If you’re really enjoying it, you can make microtransactions that allow you to get additional materials quicker or speed up build times. The multiplayer aspect of the game is simple, too. You can visit your friends’ campsites, and they can visit yours.

Nintendo hasn’t given an exact release date in November, but pre-registration is open on the App Store and Google Play. You’ll be notified exactly when Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is ready for you to install on your device.


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