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Amazon Cloud Cam launches, takes aim at Nest in home security

by Justin Herrick | October 25, 2017October 25, 2017 6:00 am PST

Amazon’s latest connected device is official. The Cloud Cam represents the company’s next phase in being part of everything in your home. It’s an indoor security camera that features 24/7 monitoring, motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio. It seems like any other product in the category, but Amazon is able to make the Cloud Cam compatible with its Alexa-powered devices that have displays.

The Cloud Cam will store the last twenty-four hours of clips from up to three cameras securely in the cloud, but you’ll have to pay more for additional benefits. Amazon’s Basic, Extended, and Pro subscriptions add days of cloud storage as well as unlimited downloads and shares. It also adds Person Detection and Zones, the latter of which lets you ignore activity in certain areas.

You only need a phone to get started with the Cloud Cam. It pairs with the Amazon Key app for setup, monitoring, notifications, and communication. Amazon, though, also wants owners of the Cloud Cam to use its products that have displays. The Cloud Cam works with the Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, and Fire tablets. Say “Alexa, show me [the camera name]” and the display on your device will instantly show a live feed.

The Amazon Key app is also for the service of the same name. Packages can be delivered right inside your door and friends or family be can be granted access even if you’re not home. Amazon is pairing the app, a Cloud Cam, and a smart lock together for as little as $249.

Pricing for its newest product is ahead of the competition, especially if you pit the Cloud Cam against Nest’s two indoor security cameras. While Nest charges $199 and $299 for its duo, Amazon has the Cloud Cam priced at just $119. Also, you can get a two-pack for $199 and a 3-pack for $289. Amazon is even doing a bundle with a Cloud Cam and an Echo Show for $299. So there’s no shortage of options to get the company’s indoor security camera into your home.

Amazon will release the Cloud Cam on Wednesday, November 8.


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