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Codenames for 2018 Google Pixel emerge

by Justin Herrick | October 24, 2017October 24, 2017 9:00 am PST

Google is looking ahead to the Pixel 3.

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL haven’t even been on the market for a week, but there’s already information coming out regarding Google’s plans for next year. Three phones could come from the company in 2018, according to Droid Life. Codenames for the trio have leaked and are confirmed to be representing Pixel devices.

Crosshatch, Albacore, and Blueline are the codenames for the far-from-official products. However, Google could be changing their codenames to A, B, C later on to conceal their identities from leaks.

As we all know, Google’s Pixel devices haven’t been successful in staying private even six months before they’re announced.

While one of them will be positioned as a high-end product, two of them will be positioned as premium products. A similar strategy was expected for 2017, but Google ended up canceling one of the devices.

Now that it owns a dedicated hardware team, maybe the company feels the time is right to release the number of phones originally planned this year. Google could be offering a single premium device in two sizes and the high-end device in one size.

Crosshatch recently appeared in an AOSP listing referencing Pixel devices, and there’s mention of a fourth device known as Wahoo. The source tells Droid Life the codename could belong to a project from 2017 that won’t be carried into 2018. Albacore and Blueline, meanwhile, have remained hidden.

Google doesn’t often stay on the same path for a long time, so don’t be surprised if one of these phones never see the light of day. They’re going to be the company’s first phones built without the help of any partners; therefore, whatever reports and leaks come out now and in the next few months shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Expect many changes by next fall when the Pixel 3 is official.

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