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Learning Ethereum blockchain for $29 will change your career

by Danny Zepeda | October 23, 2017October 23, 2017 4:00 pm PST

The blockchain is still in it’s early phases of development, which means that there is no better time to boost your career prospects and get up to speed with Ethereum development than right now. Luckily for you, experts in the field have designed a set of courses, The Complete Ethereum Blockchain Mastery Bundle, specifically catered to show you how to navigate the blockchain world.

This mastery bundle contains four courses that will instantly make you a valuable asset to coworkers and managers. By following along with the instructors, you’ll be handed all the information necessary to successfully build an Ethereum-based distribution application using Solidarity.

Don’t worry if you have zero prior knowledge because this course does an excellent job of breaking down complex topics into easily digestible concepts. Core development tools such as Mist, Geth, and Ethereum Studio sound intimidating, but you’ll soon see that learning the tools of the trade can be quite stimulating and enjoyable.

Best of all, The Complete Ethereum Blockchain Mastery Bundle is currently 95% off. Invest in your future for just $29

Danny Zepeda

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