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Cats and dogs are now seen like humans on Google Photos

by Justin Herrick | October 16, 2017October 16, 2017 3:00 pm PST

Putting names with faces is something Google Photos has been able to do for a couple years. Just identify one picture or video with someone in your contacts and the service will label the rest of them. Google Photos handles the grouping for you, so you can just go into the app, choose a contact’s profile or search their name, and all of the content they’re in appears.

The power of machine learning also analyzes other parts of pictures and videos. You can search “dog,” and the results will bring back everything showing a dog. But animals haven’t been identifiable by their names until now.

Google Photos is being updated to let you identify specific cats and dogs by name for automatic grouping.

After identifying your pets (or someone else’s), Google Photos will place their faces alongside the humans who you’ve already identified. The app will let you search by breed and emoji in addition to name.

Google says the update is rolling out today, but it could take a few days or even weeks until everyone gains access to the new feature.


Justin Herrick

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