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Here’s our first look at Star Wars VR experience arriving at Disney parks

by Danny Zepeda | October 15, 2017October 15, 2017 10:00 am PST

Back in August, it was announced Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic were making a Star War VR experience with The Void, a studio responsible for many VR attractions. The first trailer for it was released recently highlighting the type of experience you can expect of the VR attraction called Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire.

In the VR experience, you will be an undercover Stormtrooper with K-2SO tasked with acquiring Imperial intelligence. As was previously expected, the location of the mission will be Mustafar, the volcanic planet where Darth Vader has his secret lair.

Given that K-2SO is guiding you through the mission and it is set in Mustafar, with a Darth Vader cameo almost guaranteed, this means the mission either takes place during the events of Rogue One or some time earlier.

The trailer shows off some of the dicey situations the experience will provide, like fighting off a group Stormtroopers taking aim at you with their blasters or being forebodingly told by K-2SO you will have to “fight your way out.”

During the initial announcement, The Void stated the experience will allow you to “move freely throughout the untethered,” adding to the allure of the VR experience. That’s great news for those that want to explore Mustafar on a more personal note.

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire will open at Disney parks in California and Florida this winter.

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