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T-Mobile is neutering the best part of its international data roaming plan

by Danny Zepeda | October 12, 2017October 12, 2017 3:30 pm PST

T-Mobile is making its international data roaming plan a lot less appealing with a strict data cap in Mexico and Canada.

The so-called “Mobile without Borders” plan originally offered unlimited LTE roaming data in Mexico and Canada for free. Beyond our neighboring countries, other countries were stuck with far more limited data cap and speeds.

The perk was especially sweet because most carriers love putting restrictions to speeds and data where they can. For some reason, T-Mobile, the self-proclaimed Uncarrier network, was surprisingly generous with this plan. The generosity is now ending for Mexico and Canada.

International data roaming in Mexico and Canada will now be limited to a strict cap of 5GB of LTE data, after which speeds would be slowed between 128kbps to 256kbps depending on the plan you are on. That is just for the Unlimited ONE plan; if you have an older legacy plan, the international data cap lowers to either 2GB or 4GB, after which you’ll be treated to near useless data speeds.

But don’t worry, customers still get unlimited calls and texts at no additional charge.

It was fun while it lasted. T-Mobile customers can still enjoy their unlimited data within the U.S. If they really want to have unlimited data roaming in Mexico and Canada, they can do so for an extra fee.


Danny Zepeda

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