The Essential Phone in Pure White is very late

by Justin Herrick | October 12, 2017

If you haven’t already given up on Essential, you’ll be happy to hear the Essential Phone in Pure White has finally arrived. It’s the second color option for Essential’s first device that launched in May but was released in August. Although announced in four colors, the Essential Phone’s availability is a bit more than a month in and only now a second one is being offered.

Everything about the Essential Phone in Pure White is, well, white. The phone’s entire body is white, but the slim border around the display remains black. All of the accessories are also white. The USB-C cable, wall adapter for charging, and headphone adapter match the color of the phone.

Pricing is identical to the Black Moon variant. The Essential Phone is priced at $699 no matter the color selected. Anyone who didn’t like Black Moon should make a decision now because it’s unclear if Stellar Grey and Ocean Depths will ever reach consumers. A source revealed to TechnoBuffalo that the final two color options are facing major production issues and may not ship at any point.

Essential, Sprint, Best Buy, and Amazon are selling the Essential Phone in Pure White as well as Black Moon.



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