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Project Fi’s Moto X4 hits a delay

by Justin Herrick | October 11, 2017October 11, 2017 2:00 pm PST

If you’re in the United States, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the country’s first Android One phone. Google confirmed the Moto X4 from Project Fi will not ship this week. A production delay has caused the phone’s release date to be pushed off until later in October.

Here’s the email sent out to customers:

Google isn’t actually explaining what’s wrong with production, and that’s fine. It could be anything causing the Moto X4 to ship sometime between October 18 and October 25.

It may seem like one or two weeks is nothing, but a number of the affected customers could use a new phone right away. The Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, which are probably more popular than the Pixel on Project Fi, have had defects rendering many units useless. When the Moto X4 was announced for Google’s wireless service, these customers were given new hope that they could get a reliable device that doesn’t cost a fortune.

The mid-range specifications are why the phone costs $399 (or $16/mo). It features a 5.2-inch Full HD (1920×1080) IPS LCD display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 630 with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot, two 12MP rear cameras, a 16MP front camera, a 3000mAh battery, and Android 7.1 Nougat.


Motorola is bringing the Moto X4 to the U.S. as a first for two categories. It’s both the first non-Google phone to be compatible on Project Fi’s network and the country’s first phone belonging to the Android One program. It has the same specifications found elsewhere in the world, but Google will handle all software updates for the U.S. models.

If you planned on trading in your current device for the Moto X4, there’s nothing to worry about. The 30-day window to send your soon-to-be former phone to Google doesn’t start until the Moto X4 arrives on your doorstep.


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