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Thor: Ragnarok’s first 15 minutes accidentally streamed by Mark Ruffalo

by Eric Frederiksen | October 11, 2017October 11, 2017 7:00 am PST

What if you could sneak into what will likely be one of the biggest movies of the year and stream its audio as people on the internet listened in? What if you were the star of that movie? That’s exactly what Mark Ruffalo did on Tuesday.

The Hulk actor was in attendance to the premiere of his upcoming movie, Thor: Ragnarok yesterday, and hopped on Instagram to do a live show before the feature started. Then, he ended the stream and put the phone into his pocket. Well, one of those, anyway. If you were watching and stuck around after he put his phone away, you would’ve heard the first 10 to 15 minutes of the movie’s dialogue.

That’s hardly enough to ruin the movie, but it’s amusing to see part of the movie, even just a few minutes, revealed this way. We’re in a time when hackers are downloading footage from studios and blackmailing them. People have cameras on them at all times thanks to the advent of smartphones. But here, the leak didn’t come from some anonymous source, it came from the source.

Hype for Thor: Ragnarok is climbing quickly as we approach the movie’s release in just a few weeks, and early critical response to the movie has been overwhelmingly positive. Meanwhile, we’ve been stoked for every new trailer and poster thanks to the decidedly different tone the movie had had since it started to see the light of day. The movie is a buddy-cop sort of movie helmed by a director known primarily for independent comedy films, and the marketing for the movie has had a decidedly 80s flair to it. With so many Marvel projects looking so similar, it stands out. That alone is something to get excited about.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 2, 2017.

Eric Frederiksen

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