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Apple working on foldable iPhone and doesn’t want Samsung’s help

by Brandon Russell | October 11, 2017October 11, 2017 12:00 pm PST

An iPhone with a foldable display is reportedly in the works, according to sources overseas, with a potential debut planned for 2020.

The Investor reports Apple has partnered with LG to create a flexible device, with multiple teams allegedly working on the project. Apple has already been granted a patent in the U.S. for a foldable, flexible screen, and it sounds like the company wants to further pursue the concept.

What’s especially notable about the report is Apple apparently eschewed working with Samsung so the Korean company wouldn’t steal Apple’s technology. Apple is reportedly investing millions of dollars in LG for future OLED production, which may be why the Cupertino company is partnering with LG for the project.

Few details about the actual phone are known. Meanwhile, it isn’t even clear if a foldable smartphone concept would work in the real world. As interesting as it might be to fold your iPhone in half, how does something like that add and enhance the experience? Outside of saving some space in your pocket, a foldable smartphone might sound cooler than it actually is.

We’ve seen foldable smartphone prototypes in the past, but no mainstream device has popularized the concept. Samsung is reportedly gearing up to unveil a foldable phone next year, so we’ll see if the foldable craze catches on.

For now, Apple is set to release the iPhone X in just a few weeks. You can learn more about that right here.

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