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Justice League Batcave has a killer easter egg

by Danny Zepeda | October 8, 2017October 8, 2017 6:00 am PST

By now, it has been established that Bruce Wayne likes to keep mementos of his battles in the DCEU. These mementos tend to lean on the darker side—remember Robin’s suit in which he perished at the hands of the Joker?—and his latest addition takes us back a key battle in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Empire got to check out the Justice League set and noticed that the tattered Mech Batsuit from the battle with Superman hadn’t been tossed away, but kept in a pristine glass casing reminding Batman of one of his worst moments.

We’re in the Batcave – or part of the Batcave – and everything’s suitably bleak and rocky. The specially modified Batsuit that was battered by Superman towards the end of Dawn of Justice is on display, a permanent reminder to Bruce Wayne of the dangers of hubris.

The suits included in the Batcave end up being more of a cool easter egg from other storylines, but its still interesting to see them in Justice League. By the end of Batman v. Superman, Batman has seen his error in viewing Superman as an enemy and has decided to put together the Justice League.

We’ll see if more throwback Batsuits are included in Justice League when the movie his theaters on November 17.

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