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What’s going on with Android Wear?

by Justin Herrick | October 5, 2017October 5, 2017 6:00 am PST

If you visit the Google Store, you won’t find a dedicated Android Wear section or really any mention of the platform.

Google appears to be taking a break from Android Wear, at least for the next couple months. A number of new products will be released throughout the rest of 2017 but none of them are an Android Wear-powered smartwatch. The company will instead focus on a core group that includes phones, a laptop, home-based digital assistants, and wireless headphones. Google hasn’t publicly stated what’s going on with Android Wear, but it’s easy to understand without an official explanation.

The market for wearables doesn’t have any hype, and Google doesn’t offer compelling reasons to put Android on your wrist. For now it looks like only Apple is having any success with its smartwatch. Google just has to watch as the Apple Watch sells millions of units every quarter.


The Google Store only shows sections for Phones, Home & Entertainment, Laptops & Tablets, Virtual Reality, and Accessories. You can, however, still access the Android Wear section by going directly to its link. It’ll show the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport, but both smartwatches are listed as unavailable. Since there aren’t any smartwatches to sell, Google has no reason to highlight Android Wear on the Google Store.


When it does return, Android Wear will be experiencing yet another reboot. The platform’s been overhauled more than once since launching in 2014.

Google’s last attempt to revive Android Wear was earlier this year when a major software update arrived alongside the Watch Sport and Watch Style. The plan was for Android Wear 2.0 to regain interest from partners while the two new models from LG showcase capabilities. Barely any of Google’s partners returned, and countless fashion brands stepped forward to oversaturate the market.

It’s unlikely that Google plans on shutting down Android Wear anytime soon. The platform grew stale again, so the company is putting it into hiding. Also, the Android 8.0 Oreo beta recently started for the Watch Sport. Google wouldn’t be testing a new version of Android Wear if it was giving up on wearables.

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