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Your Google Assistant can be a man, too

by Justin Herrick | October 4, 2017October 4, 2017 7:00 am EST

We’ve had Google Assistant on different devices for about a year now. The digital assistant arrived on the Pixel and Google Home first before heading to additional Android phones. Even the iPhone started communicating with Google Assistant in 2017. Only one voice, however, has been offered for users to talk to since Google Assistant arrived. Google is changing that now with the addition of a second voice.

The new voice gives users of Google Assistant the ability to switch between robotic female and male voices. You’re no longer confined to just the female voice. If you want to talk to a male, you can do that.



Here’s how to switch your Google Assistant’s voice to a male:

  1. Open the Google app, head into Settings for Google Assistant
  2. Choose Preferences and then Assistant voice
  3. Select whether you want Voice I (female) or Voice II (male)

It should be noted that Google itself doesn’t say the voices have genders assigned to them. They’re labeled as “Voice I” and “Voice II.” But the second voice was likely added because consumers have questioned why all digital assistants have female voices activated by default.

Siri, Alexa, and Cortana have all been based on females. The more general name has allowed Google Assistant to stay away from similar scrutiny, but the sole voice it shipped with was just another female. Adding a second, male voice makes Google Assistant a bit more friendlier and proves any gender makes a good digital assistant.

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