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Google Allo for web rolls out iOS support, plus more web browsers

by Brandon Russell | October 3, 2017October 3, 2017 12:30 pm EST

After rolling out web support for Android users, Google on Tuesday made its chat platform available on the web for iOS users, too. The new feature gives users of the mobile service the opportunity to carry on their conversations on a computer.

The good news is Allo will work in Firefox and Opera as well—no more Chrome exclusivity. This open up the platform to a swath of new users. Using Allo on the web is pretty much identical to using the service on your mobile device.

To use Allo on the web, make sure your application has been updated to the most recent version. Once that’s done, users are required to navigate inside the mobile app to a setting called Allo for web and then scan a QR code at this link. It’s a pretty seamless setup process.

As per usual, today’s update is rolling out to users in stages, so if you don’t see the feature today, you should very soon.

With wider web support, the same rules apply if you want to use Google’s chat platform, meaning your phone number will be tied to your account. The restriction prohibits from using the same Allo account on numerous mobile devices.


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