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Get the skills you need to become a DevOps master with this extensive bundle

by Danny Zepeda | October 3, 2017October 3, 2017 4:00 pm EST

If you want to succeed in the competitive and evolving world of tech, you have to learn the ropes of DevOps (short for “development and operations”), which embodies the relationship that exists between development and IT operations, and increases communication and collaboration between businesses and employees. The Complete DevOps & Deployment Technologies Bundle has all the training you need to become a DevOps guru, and it’s on sale for just $39.

With 48 hours of in-depth instruction, this bundle will walk you through Vagrant (the go-to solution for eliminating the hassle that comes with destroying environments), Chef (a sweeping collection of configuration management tools), GitHub, Ansible, Jenkins, and much more. You’ll even walk away from this instruction having mastered NGINX, the web server used by Netflix, Hulu, GitHub, and other titans of the Web.

Get the training you need to become a master DevOps tactician with The Complete DevOps & Deployment Technologies Bundle for over 85% off, at just $39.

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