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Groove Music gets killed, users being sent to Spotify

by Justin Herrick | October 2, 2017October 2, 2017 2:30 pm EST

Microsoft is pulling the plug on its music streaming service. Two years after rebranding Xbox Music to Groove Music, the company has realized that it stands no chance in a crowded field. The announcement was made on Monday in a blog post that vaguely covers why Groove Music is going away and lays out what’s next for existing members paying for access.

Not properly serving the needs of listeners around the world is the reason you’ll get from Microsoft. The blog post admits that Groove Music wasn’t providing “the best streaming service” and “the largest catalog of music.” With so many more offerings out there, it didn’t make sense to continue. Even the inferior music library on Groove Music was very expensive for the company to maintain.

Groove Music doesn’t have an in-house replacement, but anyone currently subscribed will be transitioned over to the world’s most popular music streaming service: Spotify.

The transition from Groove Music to Spotify is seamless. Just log into the app on Windows or Xbox, and a pop-up window will prompt you on how to join Spotify. Once you’re logged in, Spotify will ask if you’d like to import your data from Groove Music. The two swap information and everything like playlists and collections you had on Groove Music will now be accessible on Spotify.

If you own music on Groove Music, you’ll still be able to listen there. It’s the streaming component of the platform that’s being axed by Microsoft. Anyone who wants to stream music from their devices will have to choose Spotify or another service.

Groove Music’s Music Pass will be discontinued on December 31, so that’s the date in which the music streaming service will be considered dead.


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