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Video-sharing on Google Photos doesn’t mind a bad connection

by Justin Herrick | October 2, 2017October 2, 2017 9:00 am EST

Sharing videos on Google Photos couldn’t be any easier. Getting your clips to friends and family is just a couple of taps away. Rather than sending an entire file, the app will create a link that can be dropped anywhere. That links gives whoever receives it full access to a video. There is a problem, though. It could take quite a bit for a video to be uploaded to Google Photos, especially if it’s shot in a very high resolution or frame rate.

Now there’s a solution to ensure the people you love can view videos right away.

A lower-quality video will almost always be instantly available. Google Photos, even on a bad connection, will make low resolution versions available before high resolution versions. These placeholders will be created for immediate sharing until the real deal replaces them. It may look a lot less clear, but at least you’re getting to share videos whenever you want when you want.

Here’s what the changelog says:

“We’ve reduced the wait for sharing videos on Google Photos by uploading low-res copies for sharing, and later replacing them with the high-res versions.”

The update appears to only be live for the Android app, so iPhone owners with Google Photos will have to keep waiting. Google pushed the small-but-useful feature out on Google Play over the weekend.

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