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New Google Home set to compete against Apple’s HomePod

by Brandon Russell | September 28, 2017September 28, 2017 6:00 am EST

The Google Home Mini won’t be the only new smart home speaker the search giant releases in the near future. According to 9to5Google, citing anonymous sources, Google is gearing up to release a new device that features stereo speakers, with a feature set said to be similar to the Sonos Play:3.

The report doesn’t shed much light on specifics such as design, but it did say the device, which is reportedly code named Google Home Max, will feature premium materials and feature dual mid-range drivers and a single tweeter.

Google has allegedly shown the new product off to a focus group that also included the Google Home Mini and rumored Pixelbook—both of which are expected to break cover at Google’s October 4 event. It’s unclear if the Google Home Max will make its debut at next month’s event, though 9to5Google speculates the device will be introduced but won’t be available until a later date, citing Apple’s HomePod as a recent example of the same strategy.

With Google introducing its Assistant technology into headphones earlier this month, it’s clear the company is intent on introducing its assistant into every avenue of your life.

The existing Google Home, which retails for about $129, is a fantastic smart home speaker, but it’s by no means high-end. Introducing a model with stereo speakers will see Google enter into a new segment while pushing its assistant technology further into your home.


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