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Amazon isn’t sure why Google doesn’t like the Echo Show

by Justin Herrick | September 28, 2017September 28, 2017 11:00 am EST

Google won’t tell Amazon exactly what’s wrong with YouTube on the Echo Show. The video streaming service was pulled from Amazon’s Alexa-powered display on Tuesday afternoon, but the company didn’t give a clear explanation as to why that happened. All Google said was the experience was violating the terms of service for YouTube. That’s a bit vague, frankly.

Amazon hosted a launch event in Seattle on Wednesday, and of course the online retailer was asked about the status of YouTube on the Echo Show. The new Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Fire TV, Echo Connect, and Echo Buttons all made their debuts. Still it was the ongoing situation with Google that was brought up by multiple outlets.

Fortunately there was one Amazon executive who provided a statement.

Dave Limp, who leads Alexa’s implementation on different devices, was asked about the situation at Amazon’s big launch event yesterday. Here’s what he told The Verge:

“It was a surprise to us. We don’t love it, on behalf of customers. We think a lot of customers were using YouTube on the Echo Show and liked it. What I’ve said to Google is: tell us where we weren’t compliant with the API and we’ll send a team down to Mountain View tomorrow. I’ll send one tonight! And we’ll get the product back in line. They just haven’t told us what’s wrong with it. We’re committed to fixing it.”

So it’s not Amazon preventing YouTube from returning as soon as possible. Limp’s statement tells us that it’s Google stopping YouTube on the Echo Show from being fixed and returning. And Amazon is more than willing to get the implementation of YouTube compliant with the API right away.

Google, meanwhile, is sticking to its original statement in which the company says Amazon has violated its terms of service. That may be true, but Google should probably tell Amazon where YouTube on the Echo Show is wrong. If the problem is identified, Amazon could issue a fix and Echo Show owners will have YouTube access back.

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