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Leaked screen protectors confirm major Pixel 2 feature

by Justin Herrick | September 28, 2017September 28, 2017 10:00 am EST

Google will announce the Pixel 2 in less than a week, and the leaks just keep coming in. Now we’re receiving confirmation that both the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 will have front-facing stereo speakers. Two images of screen protectors for the pair have been posted online and reveal the new feature for the 2017 models of Google’s flagship.

Here’s one of the images:

Front-facing stereo speakers aren’t new for phones, but Google hasn’t used them since 2015’s Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. The Pixel 2 will have them on both models, albeit with slightly different approaches. The smaller model will have the front-facing stereo speakers built into the bezels above and below the display, but the larger model will have them inserted at the very edges of the top and bottom.

The screen protector on the top is for the LG-made Pixel XL 2 while the screen protector on the bottom is for the HTC-made Pixel 2.

Unlike last year, Google isn’t allowing one partner to manufacture both models. They’ll have similar specifications, but the overall designs won’t be copied. LG is giving the Pixel 2 XL an all-display front with minimal bezels. Google actually invested nearly $1 billion in LG Display to include an entirely new OLED panel for the 2017 flagship. The Pixel 2, meanwhile, is expected to be an upgraded version of last year’s bezel-friendly Pixel with few changes.

Along with the Pixel 2, Google will announce a number of new products at its October 4 event in San Francisco. A new Chromebook and Google Home are also expected. Google could include some surprises, too. Maybe there’s a product or feature from something that they’ve kept hidden.

We’ll find out everything Google has coming next week. Be sure to stick with TechnoBuffalo for live coverage from Google’s hardware-focused presentation.


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