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Apple Pay Cash set for late October debut

by Brandon Russell | September 28, 2017September 28, 2017 12:30 pm EST

Literature on Apple’s website suggests Apple Pay Cash—the feature that enables peer-to-peer payments through iMessage—will launch at the end of October. You can see for yourself by following this link, which directs you to the Apple Watch Series 1 page and features a footnote regarding the timeframe. Other literature on Apple’s website simply says the feature will arrive sometime this fall.

It’s unclear if Apple actually intends to introduce the feature by the end of next month, or if that was just a slip-up made by a developer. With the iPhone X slated to hit on November 3, however, it would make sense for the feature to launch around then.

When Apple Pay Cash becomes available, the feature will make it super easy to send money to friends and family. Payments can be sent and received directly through Apple’s iMessage service—the feature can even recognize when a friend or family member mentions a dollar amount inside the messages app, automatically bring that amount up.

Any money you receive through the service will be deposited on an Apple Pay Cash card, which can then be used with Apple Wallet for mobile payments at retail stores and on the web. If you’ve ever used Square Cash, Apple’s new peer-to-peer payment service sounds a lot like that.

Apple recently released a beta for iOS 11.1, though the feature is nowhere to be found. Chances are, however, that Apple will introduce Apple Pay Cash in a future beta release of iOS 11.1 before it becomes available to consumers (hopefully at the end of October).

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