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Amazon Echo Show just lost one of its flagship features

by Justin Herrick | September 27, 2017September 27, 2017 10:00 am EST

Amazon may have solved its longtime dispute with Apple, but the online retailer just entered into a new tussle with Google.

If you own Amazon’s Echo Show, you won’t be able to watch videos on YouTube anymore. Google pulled its video streaming service from the device on Tuesday afternoon. It appears that a disagreement between Google and Amazon has led to YouTube’s exit from the Echo Show. Now requesting a YouTube video to play on the device’s display results in Alexa pointing out that the service is not supported.

There’s no timetable for YouTube’s return as neither Google nor Amazon can acknowledge what went wrong.

Here’s what an Amazon spokesperson said:

“Google made a change today at around 3 pm. YouTube used to be available to our shared customers on Echo Show. As of this afternoon, Google has chosen to no longer make YouTube available on Echo Show, without explanation and without notification to customers. There is no technical reason for that decision, which is disappointing and hurts both of our customers.

And here’s what Google responded with:

“We’ve been in negotiations with Amazon for a long time, working towards an agreement that provides great experiences for customers on both platforms. Amazon’s implementation of YouTube on the Echo Show violates our terms of service, creating a broken user experience. We hope to be able to reach an agreement and resolve these issues soon.”

The statement from Amazon doesn’t tell us much, but Google is blaming a violation of terms of service. It probably means that key features of YouTube are missing from the Echo Show’s experience. Google prefers for YouTube to be similar across all devices, and the Echo Show might not be doing that as it’s a voice-based product meant to only display information. YouTube on the Echo Show could be missing basic things like a subscribe button, recommendations, and auto-play.

It doesn’t look like YouTube will be back on the Echo Show anytime soon. Let’s still hope Amazon and Google can work something out, though.

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