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Apple TV listing on Amazon hints at imminent arrival of Prime Video app

by Danny Zepeda | September 26, 2017September 26, 2017 12:30 pm EST

The Apple TV has made its return to Amazon two years after being taken down. Amazon doesn’t allow the sale of media players that don’t support its Prime Video app, something the Apple TV did not, thus it was pulled from Amazon. Back in June, however, Apple announced the Prime Video app would finally be making its way to Apple TV  “this year,” but didn’t specify a release date.

Apple again touched upon the subject at its September event, but again no date was mentioned. Now, with the Apple TV making its way to Amazon, the availability of the Prime Video app may be close at hand.

Amazon’s Prime Video app lets Amazon customers stream tens of thousands of TV series and movies. The back and forth fighting between Apple and Amazon led to the stalemate that not only led to takedown of Apple TV sales on Amazon, but it also slowed the development of a Prime Video app for the Apple TV.

An unverified rumor last week claimed Amazon would launch its Apple TV app concurrently with the debut of its Thursday Night Football this week. Amazon signed a $50 million deal to steam a number of Thursday Night Football matches. It’d be quite opportune to have access all those Apple TV eyeballs for the first game of the lucrative deal. But again, that’s just a rumor.

Only the 64GB version of the Apple TV 4K is listed on Amazon, and it is currently out of stock. It won’t be surprising if it is conveniently in stock once the Prime Video app goes live for the Apple TV.


Danny Zepeda

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