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Google Home finally updated to perform simple task

by Brandon Russell | September 25, 2017September 25, 2017 5:00 pm EST

Google Home users will finally be able to set reminders through the smart speaker—a feature that’s been a long time coming. The search giant published a help document on Monday detailing how the new feature will work—and it’s pretty straightforward. If you’ve ever set reminders using Google Assistant on your phone, then you’ll feel right at home.

“You can set, ask about, and delete reminders on Google Home,” Google’s support document says. “Notifications will appear on Google Home and your phone at the time you set.”

The feature’s arrival is such a relief because it was sorely missed when Google Home first launched. It’s unclear why reminders weren’t a part of the smart speaker’s launch nearly a year ago—but it’s here.

Setting a reminder works just as it would on your phone. Simply say, “Ok Google, set a reminder.” Then you speak the reminder you want set, including time and date. It’s a convenient way to keep track of your to-do list when your phone isn’t handy.

The great thing is any reminder you set using Google Home will show up on your Android phone. So, if you set a reminder before you leave the house, you’ll get a notification when you’re out and about.

Reminders will work with both individual and multiple users, so long as your account is linked to Google Home. The only caveat, according to Google, is your phone must be running Android M or above. The feature is set to become available in stages, so expect it to hit your Home soon.


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