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One iOS 11 feature you should try immediately

by Brandon Russell | September 23, 2017September 23, 2017 9:00 am EST

Apple’s newest mobile update, iOS 11, has been out for a few days, and there are a lot of features to sift through. You can Type to Siri, tweak the Control Center, and turn on Do Not Disturb while driving. It’s full of new functionality and refinement, making Apple’s software even better.

But if you’re going to do any tweaking at all in iOS 11, it should be this feature in Messages.

Apple has allowed users to mute conversations before. It’s been one of the more welcome additions to iMessage since the service was first introduced. But the toggle to mute conversations has always been hidden, and if you didn’t realize it was there in the first place, chances are you’ve never used it (like me).

In iOS 11, Apple has made hiding alerts inside of iMessage far easier, and it’s something you should play around with immediately.

When you first open the Messages app, you’ll see a list of conversations. Instead of jumping into a conversation, navigating to the little info button on the top right, and then hiding alerts, you can simply swipe from right to left on a conversation and hit “Hide Alerts.”

I don’t think I realized you could mute notifications for individual messages before iOS 11, which is why Apple’s newest implementation is so much better. The feature still isn’t obvious from the get-go, but it’s far easier to execute compared to iOS 10.

The feature can be super handy when you’re in a group chat, especially when several messages are constantly being sent back and forth. Like I said, it isn’t necessarily new, but it’s a small change that makes a big difference. You can mute one-on-one conversations, too, like if you want to mute your boss or significant other.

You’ll know a conversation is muted because it’ll show a half moon icon. You won’t get notifications once a conversation is muted though you will still get an icon badge to indicate a message has come in.

If you’re in a group chat and you just can’t get away from notifications (and you don’t want to leave the chat altogether), hiding alerts is a great solution, and it’s especially easy to do in iOS 11.

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