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The gigantic ‘Duke’ Xbox controller has been approved by Microsoft

by Eric Frederiksen | September 22, 2017September 22, 2017 3:30 pm EST

The original Xbox was notable not just because it was a powerful gaming console and Microsoft’s first entry into the console world, but notable for the controller it shipped with. Far from the controllers we use to control our Xbox Ones and Xbox 360s, the original Xbox controller was a beast, so much so that it received its own nickname, as only the strangest controllers do: The Duke. Despite its absurd size, the Duke had its share of fans – basketball players, Nordic frost giants, that guy from The Simpsons

…and the Duke is returning.

Seamus Blackley, who helped make the original Xbox console happen, has been working to bring the Duke back for some time now, and announced at E3 that the controller was coming back. In a new tweet this week, Blackley updated us with a new look at the controller.


Yes, it’s really that large. And if the logo at the center looks a little bright to you, there’s a good reason: It’s an LCD screen. There’s no word on what purpose it’ll serve, but it’s there and seems, at the very least, like a better use of the space than the flat logo from the original. As the tweet says, Microsoft has approved the design, and the controller is off to be tooled for production. The controller will be a corded controller it looks like – as you’d expect with a built-in LCD screen – and still sports the black and white buttons of old. It’ll be compatible with both Xbox One and Windows 10, feature a 9-foot breakaway cord, and is being produced by peripheral manufacturer Hyperkin.

If you don’t remember the Duke, you may have seen the Xbox with its second controller, called the ‘Controller S,’ which replaced the Duke after a couple years. What was originally a Japanese-specific design eventually became the template upon which future Xbox controllers would be built, while the Duke was laid to rest… until now.

If you have giant hands, keep an eye out. There’s no pricing or release date just yet.

Eric Frederiksen

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