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Sonic Forces hands-on – Looks like the mania is over…

by Ron Duwell | September 21, 2017September 21, 2017 5:00 pm EST

Poor Sonic Forces. This unfortunate release from SEGA has to be the Sonic game that comes out after Sonic Mania. We had our hearts stolen earlier this year by the most fantastic Sonic game in nearly two decades, but the dream will be dead come later this year. Snap, back to a reality where Sonic games come out to a choir of “boos: and ultimately prove to be letdowns.

Unfortunately for Sonic Forces, it’s also going to be the Sonic game that reminds us why we wanted Sonic Mania in the first place.

Some are gambling on the hope that SEGA will tap into the creative bug that led to Sonic Generations a few years back, but after two stages and a five-minute demo with this latest game, I don’t see it. Sonic Forces clearly falls into many of the traps that plague the worst of Sonic’s’ titles, and I walked away from my demo with the same sinking feeling that I always et after realizing that the Sonic hype wasn’t real.

You know how this all plays out. Sonic runs as you control him from behind. Well, you struggle to control him at any rate. He feels more awkward than ever before in this game, and we’re a long way off from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 back when 3D Sonic felt somewhat decent.

These games are rotten to the core with mindless speed and chaotic motion that makes no sense and is difficult to follow. The levels I chose were also loaded with obstacles that brought any momentum I managed to build up to a halt. These problems exist in about 80 percent of 3D Sonic the Hedgehog games, and they all exist here.

I haven’t even gotten to the graphics yet. Team Sonic can really do better than this. The muddle character models are pathetic and don’t look like something that came out of a major publisher. Memories of Mighty No. 9 came to mind as I zoomed past the spikes and the different enemy character models. It’s not pretty at all to look at.

Sonic Forces is bad. Really bad, but sadly, these are the kind of Sonic games that sell in these dark days. By the grace of the video gaming gods, maybe, just maybe, Sonic Mania will put up better numbers than this dreadful modern-day sibling and finally inspire SEGA to follow through on its promise and clamp down on quality control.

Ron Duwell

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