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Galaxy Note 8 vs. Galaxy S8 Plus: Battle of the behemoths

by Brandon Russell | September 21, 2017September 21, 2017 12:30 pm EST

How do you choose a favorite child? Or, better yet, how do you choose a favorite superstar? There are subtleties and nuances to the answer, conclusions that can only be reached through exhaustive contemplation and years of experience. In the case of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 compared to the Galaxy S8 Plus, the answer seems so simple, yet so complex.

On paper, the two devices are virtually identical, powerful specimens primed to win an Olympic Gold. But the Note 8 edges out the Galaxy S8 Plus ever so slightly. Does the Galaxy S8 Plus have a 6.3-inch display, 6GB of RAM, and a dual-camera lens system? No, no, and no. The Galaxy S8 Plus also doesn’t feature Samsung’s S Pen, which has evolved into an indispensable tool in Samsung’s Note lineup.

Take the S Pen out of the equation, however, and the Note 8 loses some of its super powers. It’s like taking the sword away from gladiators and forcing them to duke it out with old fashioned fisticuffs. On any given day the Galaxy S8 Plus could win, and vice versa. Neither is a sure bet. Which is a good thing!

You can argue it’s about time for Samsung to retire the Galaxy Note series because of how similar it is to the Galaxy S Plus series. But fans of the Note series are a passionate bunch, as proven by the record preorders that were made when the Galaxy Note 8 first became available. Clearly there’s a market out there for stylus-wielding consumers.

So, that leaves us with the question: Which device is better? I don’t think there’s a clear answer. If you’re not into the whole stylus thing, the Galaxy S8 Plus is the winner. If you do want a tool for jotting down notes, the Note 8 is the device for you.

Hear Jon further ruminate on this battle in the video above, which covers everything from the hardware to the software. You can also read our reviews of the Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 down below to help you further make an informed decision.

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