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Tim Cook commented on the iPhone X’s $999 price tag—Here’s what he said

by Danny Zepeda | September 20, 2017September 20, 2017 12:00 pm EST

Exactly one week ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage to announce three new iPhone models. Today, he held his first interview since the announcement with Good Morning America host Robin Roberts and talked about all things Apple, including the new iPhone X’s sizable price tag.

During the interview, Roberts pressed Cook on a multitude of topics, the most interesting of which was watching Cook justify the iPhone X’s price tag. Unsurprisingly, he gave a very measured answer.

“Well, it’s a value price actually for the technology that you’re getting,” Cook said. “As it turns out, most people are paying for phones over long periods of time. And so, very few people will pay the full price of the phone initially. Also, most people actually trade in their current phone, and some carriers throw in subsidies and discounts.”

The part about the iPhone X being a value stood out the most. As you may very well know, when you buy an Apple product, you pay a premium price. The same is true of the iPhone X. Do we have to agree with it? Absolutely not, but that’s Apple’s prerogative.

Tim Cook also touched based on subjects like Face ID security.

Asked whether privacy should be a worry for customers, Cook answered, “Not with us, because we’re about your privacy. We want to protect your data, because we know it’s yours, not ours. And so, once you place your face in the phone, it’s in the phone, Apple doesn’t have it. We encrypted it on your device, you make the decisions about who has it.”

Apple always likes to paint a rose-colored portrait of its products, and Tim Cook did just that in the interview.

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